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College of Teacher Education

The College of Teacher Education envisions its graduates from the different degree programs to demonstrate technological, pedagogical content knowledge (TCPCK) imbued with the essential skills that prepare them for excellence in the delivery of relevant, meaningful and facilitative instruction in the basic education. Moreover, the college aspires its graduates to be leaders in promoting education for sustainable development addressing emerging socio-cultural, economic, and environmental concerns.

Virtual Launch - MOU Signing
CHED, PH Embassy in Phnom Penh launch Developing Global Filipino Teachers program

Undergraduate Programs


  • Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd)
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) major in:
a. English
b. Filipino
c. Mathematics
d. Science
e. Social Studies
f. Values
  • Bachelor of Special Needs Education (BSNEd)
    Major in:
    a. Generalist Special Needs Education
    b. Teacher Learners with Visual Impairment
    c. Teaching of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Learners
  • Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education (BTLEd) major in Home Economics
  • Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education major in Food and Service Management
  • Bachelor of Physical Education (BPEd)
  • Diploma in Professional Education (DPE)
    (1-year program for Non-Education graduates with four (4) year baccalaureate degree)

Admission Requirements

  • Senior High School Report Card or Certified true copy of it, showing a GPA of 85, LRN and Strand
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Photocopy of PSA issued Birth Certificate (present original)
  • Two (2) pcs. 2×2 colored ID picture with name tag for the Application Form for the Testing Center
  • One (1) pc. 2×2 colored ID picture with name tag for the Application Form from the College
  • 2 long white folders with plastic cover
  • 1 long brown envelope with plastic cover

Application Schedule: January 26 - March 2, 2021 (AY 2021-2022)

Graduate Programs

Graduate Studies Admission Requirements

  • Accomplished Graduate School Application Form
  • Honorable Dismissal/Transfer Credentials (present original)
  • Photocopy of original TOR for Evaluation (present original)
  • Original and photocopy of Marriage Certificate in NSO security paper (for married female)
  • Two (2) pcs. 2×2 ID pictures black & white or colored
  • One (1) pc. 1×1 ID picture black & white or colored
  • One (1) long brown envelope with plastic envelope
  • One (1) long folder with jacket
  • Graduate Admission Test (testing fee of Php 400.00) times three for foreign applicant

Application Period: November 6 – December 10, 2020 (2nd semester)

Dates of Examination: November 21, December 11, 2020

Graduate Programs International Students Requirements

Steps in accepting foreign students including documentation requirements:

Step 1 – Initial review of documents by the Liaison Officer at the Registrar Office.

  1. Passport
  2. Scholastic Credential
  3. Certificate of information in any form etc.

Step 2 – If OK, advise to submit letter of intent to the College where the program chosen                    is offered

Step 3 – If accepted by the College, the Dean shall notify in writing the Office of the Registrar for issuance of Notice of Acceptance (NOA)

Step 4 – Documentation Procedures and guidelines for Foreign Students after passing           the admission test by the College

  1. Submit the following:

a. 5 copies of filled up Student Personal History Statement (Form at the Registrar’s Office)

b. 5 copies of notarized affidavit of support including bank statements or notarized notice of grant for institutional scholars to cover expenses for the students accommodation and subsistence, as well as school dues and other incidental expenses.

c. 5 copies of duly authenticated scholastic credentials /Original transfer credential for students previously enrolled within the country

d. 5 copies student information sheet for foreign student (Form at the Registrar’s Office)

e. Police Clearance issued by the national police authorities in the student’s country of origin or legal residence, authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post having consular jurisdiction over the place

f. 5 sets photocopy of passport (bio-page, latest arrival, authorized number of days to stay in the Philippines, page where visa is laminated (if available)

g. 5 copies 2×2 picture with white background

  1. Issuance of Notice of Acceptance (NOA) when documentation requirements are completed together with Acceptance Fee of One Hundred Dollar (100$) or to the Accounting Office via issuance of order of payment at the Registrar’s Office.

Step 5 – Regular Bureau of Immigration process follows such as but not limited to:

NOTE: Payments for the corresponding application shall be collected by the School Representative/Liaison Officer to the Bureau of Immigration 1 week or 5 days before the application to avoid charges of late filing.

  1. Student Visa Conversion (9f)

    Fees: Php 9,720.00 and or above with additional 50$ US Dollar for ACR I-Card Fee

Checklist of Documentary Requirements for Conversion to Student Visa

  • Joint Letter request addressed to the Commissioner from the authorized representative of the petitioning school and applicant, using the school letterhead with dry seal;
  • Duly accomplished Consolidated General Application Form (CGAF)
  • Photocopy of passport bearing the bio-page, latest admission with valid authorized stay and Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) Stamp;
  • Notice of Acceptance of the applicant bearing a clear impression of the school’s official dry seal;
  • Endorsement addressed to the Commissioner from the school for the conversion of the applicant’s status, signed by the School Registrar
  • Certificate of Eligibility for Admission from CHED in case of Medicine/Dentistry
  • CHED Endorsement for transfer and shifting of course, if applicable;
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance, if application is filed (6) months or more from the date of first arrival in the Philippines;
  • Photocopy of BI School Accreditation ID of the registrar or school representative; and
  • BI Clearance Certificate
  1. Special Study Permit (SSP)

    Fees: Php 5,240.00 and or above with additional 50$ US Dollar for ACR I-Card Fee

Checklist of Documentary Requirements

  • Letter request addressed to the Commissioner from the representative of the petitioning school;
  • Duly accomplished CGAF. If the applicant is a minor, it shall be signed by the parent or the legal guardian;
  • Photocopy of passport bio-page and latest admission with valid authorized stay;
  • Certificate of Acceptance issued by the learning institution accredited by the Bureau of Immigration to accept foreign students, indicating the number of months (length of study) of the technical/vocational, special and/or primary or secondary level courses for applicants below 18 years of age;
  • Photocopy of BI school accreditation ID of the registrar or school representative;
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance, in case of flying schools;
  • BI Clearance Certificate.
  1. Student Visa Extension (9f)

    Fees: Php 8,020.00 and or above with additional 100$ US Dollar for ACR I-Card Fee

Checklist of Documentary Requirements

  • Joint letter request addressed to the Commissioner from the applicant and the authorized representative of the petitioning school, using the school letterhead with dry seal;
  • Duly accomplished CGAF
  • Photocopy of passport bio-page, visa implementation page and latest admission with valid authorized stay;
  • Copy of Latest Transcript of Records or Certificate of Grades (2 previous semesters);
  • Honorable Dismissal or Certificate of Transfer from previous school, in case of transfer;
  • Commission on Higher Education (CHED) endorsement, in case of shifting of course and/or transfer of school;
  • Photocopy of BI school accreditation ID of the registrar of the school representative;
  • BI Clearance Certificate;
  • Original or certified true copy of Bureau of Quarantine Medical Clearance, if applicant is a national of any countries listed under Annex “A” of Immigration Operations Order No. SBM-14-059-A who arrived in the Philippines on or after June 2014.
  • Letter of Explanation for failing grades or dropped subjects, if applicable;


Name of Fees
Baccalaureate Degree Amount
Master’s Degree Amount

Doctorate Degree


1. Tuition
336.00/per unit
750/per unit
1200/per unit
1500/per unit
Miscellaneous/Other Fees
2. Guidance Fee
3. Medical/Dental Fees
4. Ang Suga Publication
5. General Services
6. SSC (Supreme Student Council)
7. Athletics Fee
8. Library Fee
9. Cultural
9. Laboratory Fees
100/per subject
100/per subject
10. Administrative Cost per semester
12. Acceptance Fee (One time pay)

Step – 5.1 Official correspondence and notices shall be via e-mail address registered in      the Personal Data Sheet for Foreign Students.


Guidelines for Application for Admission Undergraduate Studies

  1. Submit the following to the College evaluation committee:
    a. Senior High School report card showing 85 as general average (original and photocopy)
    b. Original copy of good moral character
    c. NSO Birth Certificate (original and photocopy)
    d. 1 white folder with plastic cover & 1 long brown envelope; and
    e. 2 copies of recent 2×2 ID picture
  2. Fill out the application form provided by the college.
  3. Submit the filled-out application form to the evaluation committee.
  4. Proceed to the  Accounting Office for the payment.
  5. Present the receipt to the Testing Center to get your schedule of examination.
  6. Come on the scheduled date of examination on time.