Email: | Telephone Trunk Line: (032) 253-7915, (032) 254-1452 or (032) 254 6814


NameDesignationEmail AddressContact Number/s
Trunk Line 254-1452/253-7915/254 6814
Dr. Filomena T. DayagbilUniversity
Local: 100/101
Atty. Dominiciana J. BandalaVice President for Administration | Chief Administrative Officer - Admindjbandala56@yahoo.comDirect:254-6818
Local: 132
Dr. Daisy R. PalomponVice President for Academic Affairsdaisypalompon@gmail.comLocal: 128
Dr. Angeline M. PogoyVice President for Research, Extension, and Publication and OIC Director for Center for Research & Developmentgelinempogoy@gmail.comLocal: 127
Dr. Glen M. PesolePresidential Assistant for Alumni Affairspesole_2004@yahoo.comLocal: 175
Ms. Ma. Mayla Imelda M. LapaPresidential Assistant for Quality Assurancemai_2la@yahoo.comLocal: 157
Dr. Floriza N. LaplapPresidential Assistant for Planning & Developmentriza_12000@yaho.comLocal: 148
Dr. Joseph Sol T. GalleonPresidential Assistant for Disaster Risk
Mr. Kim Francis R. RodriguezPublic Information 115
Mr. Martin C. SentinaChief Security
Ms. Maria Divina D. TorrejosHead
Dr. Evelyn G. TradioChief Administrative Officer - Finance Management Officeevelyntradio@yahoo.comDirect: 253-8072
Local: 129 | 130
Dr. Flordelynn E. EscardaUniversity Registrarcnuregistrar@gmail.comDirect: 254-0067
Engr. Ray A. FernandezUniversity Engineerray.engrIII@gmail.comLocal: 111
Mrs. Mary Margaret A. CornejoHuman Resource Management Officercnuhumanresource@gmail.comDirect: 253-6223
Local: 126
Mr. Diosdado B. CenizaSupply Officerdadong.ceniza@gmail.comDirect:254-6813
Local: 131
Dr. Michelle Mae J. OlvidoUniversity Secretary & Executive
Direct: 236-9795
Local: 199
Ms. Ann S. AncajasRecords 124
Mr. Omar B. RomaData Privacy 0/181/187

Deans and Directors

NameDesignationEmail AddressContact Number/s
Trunk Lines: 254-1452/253-7915
Ms. Naila Y. BeltranDirector for External Affairs & International Linkagesnaila_beltran@yahoo.comLocal: 124
Ms. Meshel B. BalijonDirector for Testing and Evaluationbalijonm@gmail.comLocal: 150
Ms. Marili B. CardilloDirector for Income Generating Projectsliclic2008@yahoo.comLocal: 119
Dr. Laurence L. GarciaDirector for Research and 127
Mr. Romeo S. MacanDirector for Panrehiyong Sentro ng Wikang Filipino
Ms. Gwendelina A. VillaranteDean of Student Affairscnuosa@gmail.comLocal: 151
Dr. Ethel D. AbaoDean of the College of Teacher 231-8044
Local: 144
Dr. Milagros M. GreifDean of the College of Arts and 140
Dr. Noemi B. YntigDean of the College of 254 4837
Mr. Renan O. ElculladaSupervisor of the Integrated Laboratory Schoolrenanelcullada@yahoo.comLocal: 182
Dr. Levi T. AtibulaCNU Balamban Campus
Direct: 254-6460
Dr. Grace N. MallagaCNU Medellin Campus 436-2029

Medical - Dental

Dr. Marnie M. SalveMedical Officer III
Dr. Clarissa C. GabatoDentist II
Mrs. Adela L. MabulayDental Aide


Mr. Martin C. SentinaChief Security Officer
Mr. Eleazar F. LedamoSecurity Guard I
Mr. Diolito A. CortesSecurity Guard II